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Daniel's Retreat /Biblical Entrepreneur Ministry Acts 2:44  ~  Teach Students how to create a Job.

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Malyck Garlanah

Bristol, Yemen

Pekaboo Oshaun

Grambling, Tanzania, United…

Naddah Danissa

Gloversville, Saint Martin

Ulymah Yileanah

Oneonta, Jersey

Samantha Thomas

Jemison, AL, United States

Dayron Desmond

Sutter Creek, Cambodia

Rashella Leonard

Melrose, Saint Vincent and the…

Chantrah Siroslav

Shreveport, Kuwait

Ormondo Berkley

Florence, British Indian Ocean…

Valentin Nebulah

Flint, Equatorial Guinea

Jehoram Xaivyon

Hopkinsville, Nicaragua

Faxane Ralstone

Beaver Falls, Bulgaria


Nigeria, Falkland Islands


Ethiopia, Ireland


Costa Rica, Lao Peoples Democratic…


Chile, Uruguay


United States, Tanzania, United…


Clewiston, FL, United States


White Plains, NY, United States


Clewiston, FL, United States

Here As In Heaven forgiving others

Food for body, mind & spirit

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Video-Skype Bible Study~Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am also' Matt.18:20

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